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Academic Life


Gloryland Centre of Excellence sets high standards for all students and expects all students to excel at meeting the standard. The classroom environment is set up to ensure quality contact with teachers and encourage positive attitudes in students. To have a great experience all students are encouraged to be alert, active, and make contributions; articulate and informed; enthusiastic participants in teamwork.

Outside of contact times with a teacher, students are developed to commit to self and group studying at prep times and supervised study periods. Students are expected to spend these times in quiet individual study or group discussions.

Studying is the main business of a student at school. As such all classes are compulsory except when proper permission has been obtained to be absent.


Academic Effort

Our students are developed with the discipline of making effort consistently in mind. Academic effort is engineered into academic activities and as students apply themselves to complete tasks on time or prepare for tests & projects effectively, they gain the valuable discipline and skill of applying themselves and not giving up.


Core Attitudes Encouraged in every Student:

  • Paying attention/being focused
  • Showing interest in lesson/subject
  • Being enthusiastic about academic work
  • Following instructions/direction
  • Not distracting/disrupting others
  • Being considerate of other learners
  • Doing honest and independent work
  • Not copying the work of others
  • Taking responsibility for their own learning


Commendations & Honour Roll

Students that show excellence and embody the values of the school are selected for awarding and public commendation. The awards are for both academic and non-academic excellence. Students with impressive academic performance are placed on the Principal’s honour roll.

Other non-academic prizes awarded include:

  • Demonstration of Christian Character.
  • Best Improved Student
  • Public and Community Spiritedness.
  • Best All-Round Student
  • Sports and Games
  • Good Work as Prefect