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Welcome! to our Primary Department

All pupils, Parents, Staff and All persons who enter the school are taken through a strict COVID-19 health protocol regime.


The safety points listed below are being followed whiles pupils are in session.

We also lay emphasis on their drawing, counting, writing skills and playing in order to develop their numeracy, creativity and sensory perceptions for life.

The Primary school is a day mixed school. It is part of the cluster of basic schools (KG, Primary and JHS) forming the University Basic School sited on the University of Ghana campus. The Primary and KG sections are under one Deputy Headmistress.

The staff of the primary department is made up thirty-three (33) women and sixteen (16) men summing up to forty-nine teachers. We also have seven class attendants for the KG. The PTA is also sponsoring four class assistants for class one since it is assumed that the pupils still need attention.

The introduction of the Chinese language in the school has brought so much excitement, and pupils have embraced the subject with much enthusiasm. Pupils can now chat and sing in Chinese. Some of the pupils who were doing well in the subject were given scholarship by the Chinese Ambassador. The language is being taught by teachers from the Chinese Confucius Centre at the University of Ghana.

There are class teachers for all KG and from P1 – P6. However subject teaching is practised at the upper primary level. Some specialized subjects such as ICT, Creative Arts, Music and Dance, Twi and Ga, Physical Education, French and Chinese are taught by subject teachers at the KG, lower and upper classes. The teaching staff of the school are both graduate and diploma certificated teachers. In addition, co-curricular activities are pursued in the school to balance the teaching and to provide for the development of other skills/talents that pupils may have.